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Frequently Asked Questions

  When my vehicle becomes damaged in an auto accident, am I allowed to choose the repair facility to which my vehicle will be taken?

Yes. You may request any towing service and body shop that you wish. In fact, in North Carolina it is illegal for a traffic accident investigator to "steer" you toward any particular service provider.

  If my car is damaged in a traffic accident, do I have any say in what is done to my car when it is taken to a repair facility?

Yes. The body shop that you choose to repair your automobile should only perform the repairs that you authorize.

  Does R&R Body Shop guarantee repairs?

Yes. R&R Body Shop offers a lifetime warranty on refinishing and on repairs for specific insurance companies.

  Is it possible to guarantee that the paint applied during a repair will match the paint on the vehicle's undamaged surfaces?

Yes. R&R Body Shop knows that you expect the paint to match. We are careful to blend the paint's color to produce an accurate match - we guarantee it.

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